Snow Cube

Pixelart Platformer which is set in a frosty world. Features custom physics movement and a tile engine for faster level construction.

2D Platformer Unity

The Underground Facility

Pixelart Shooter placed in an underground facility. Learning game architecture with the framework Monogame.

2D Shooter XNA / Monogame

Sphere Code

Strategy and Tower Defense game with combat drones. Spent much time on the overall look and the user interfaces.

Tower Defense GameMaker

Atlantis Avengers

Shoot'em up in a deep underwater environment. Excessive use of parallax backgrounds and dealing with huge levels.

Shoot'em up GameMaker


Mix of tactics and shoot'em up. Plays high in the skies of a torn world. Upgrade your floating island to face the threats around you.

Tactical GameMaker

Sphere Wars

Top down shooter playing in an artifical world of machines. Physics based environment and fast paced combat.

Top Down Shooter GameMaker


Chiptune Examples

SwapQuest Soundtrack

Santa's Quest Soundtrack

Star Wars - Cover

Swap Quest

n-Back Challenge

Scape Ghost

Santa's Quest


Global Game Jam 2017

Participation in the GGJ 2017 with a physics-based Platformer.

Physics Platformer Unity

"Where can I play games you created?"

I started many projects but didn't released any games yet. Now that I actually want to become a Game Developer, I will try hard to publish some games!