About me

Hello there, my name is André Weiß and I'm an aspiring Game Developer! sparksinfinite is the name of my little studio. It sounds a bit more thrilling than just my name, right? I hope so :)

I had started early with game dev when I noticed that I really enjoyed the process of building game environments in a program called Game Studio. After that I was introduced to Game Maker, where I got addicted to very fast. I spent an tremendous amount of time in creating little worlds - and I never got tired of it!

Then I began to write music for games, mainly for Rebusmind. Games aren't just fun, they can transport more evolved experiences and something the player may remember even years after. Music plays a huge part in this 'connection' to a game - and that's something I am very into.

Then someday I decided that I actually should turn this into a career. I started learning Unity and C# like in a hurry. And I began a study in media.

I really like playing games, but even more I love to create them. It fascinates me how a project evolves from the state of a concept to the final product. I appreciate many different genres in video games and gather all kinds of knowledge about Game Development. Checkout my twitter timeline for some inspirational input! :) And do not hesitate to get in touch.

Skills and Experience

GameMaker Studio Unity3D XNA / Monogame Love2D SFML
Word / Excel Gimp Inkscape Blender Cubase
Gamedesign and Development Webdesign Sounddesign and Music Pixelart Concept Art